Michiro Sato / FACTOR
   January 1967 Borne in Tokyo.
 June 1995 Landed in England London.
 February 1996 Played at "Rock Garden" in Covent Garden in London. This venue played by David Burne, Peter Murphy, and EMF.
 August 1996 Played at "RED EYE" in Kings Cross in London with Hard Core Band called "Ridiculous" and avant-garde surfing Band called "Kenny Process Team".
 Played at "Bull&Gate" in London.
 November 1996 Had Toured in Germany with Group Called "FRANK CHICKENS" at club "TANZDIELE" and "B-MOVIE".
December 1996    Played at "Spitz" in London.
 April 1997 Played at "Bull&Gate" in London.
Played "This is not a love song(by p.i.l.)" for last song.